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About Block S2:


Block S2 (Al Uqlah) is located in the province of Shabwah in central Yemen. The license lies along the northern border of the Shabwah province, immediately south and west of the Hadramauwt province. The governorate capital of Shabwah, the city of Ataq lies approx. 90km SSW from Block S2.

Block S2 Milestones:

1992: The first oil discovery within the boundaries of Block S2 was made by Occidental in the Kohlan Formation in 1992 (exploration well “Kharwah-1 ”).

1998: Occidental relinquished the area and Preussag acquired same in 1998.


2001: In March/April of 2001, and after reinterpretation of Karwah-1 well results, Preussag re-entered the well and conducted a multi rate test.


2002 – 2003: Preussag continued in an extended well test followed from November 2002 until October 2003. The well produced an average oil rate of approx. 380bbl/d without any water and without any significant pressure depletion. The test interpretation concluded that the well was producing from the Kholan Formation with an additional unknown rate from the crystalline Basement.





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