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About The company:


Yemen Resources Limited (YRL), established in 1997, is a limited liability registered company under the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991.



Our partners:

  • Operator: OMV (Yemen Block S2) Exploration GmbH with (44.0%)

  • Joint venture partner: Sinopec International Petroleum Company (37.5%)

  • Joint venture partner: The Yemen Corporation for Oil and Gas (12.5%)

  •  Joint venture partner: Yemen Resources Limited Company (YRL)(6.0%)


 History Milestones:


1997: Yemen Resources Ltd Company was established, and jointed Presussag Energie GmbH to obtain Block S2 (Alouqlah).

2003: The European oil and gas group OMV acquired the entire international E&P portfolio & upstream assets of Preussag Energie GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of TUI AG.

 2003: In the same year, Habban oil field was discovered in Block-S2, Al Uqlah, which was subsequently developed.

2006: Announcement of Commerciality in the early of 2008 and early production commenced via temporary production facility on December 2006.


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